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“We are dedicated to providing the broadest range of innovative and inspired screen printing inks to our customers. Samsung Huetone does ‘everything’ possible to meet the most demanding delivery mandates.”

With dynamic advancement of technology nowadays, screen printing industry is playing many important roles in evolving various products around the world. Advent of new architecture, furniture, interior designs, electronics, and IT products has ushered us to a new field of innovation, similar to when we have embraced the first color TV back in the days. Such changing landscape did present us many insights in this screen printing industry. This is both promising and challenging to us.

Samsung Huetone is a screen printing ink manufacturer company, producing a wide spectrum of high-quality inks. While our excellence is demonstrated by glass and metal inks in the field of architecture and electronics, our ink selection ranges from graphic, plastic, metal, glass, textile, multi-purposes, to spray coat. Our business priority is to make products better and better to exceed your expectation. Last but not least, we strive to meet the most demanding delivery mandates – reliably, efficiently, and responsibly.

Beyond providing ink selection to our customers, our business also extends to the finest color matching services. Covering a wide range of various inks gives us competitiveness in the market.

Since 1976, Samsung Huetone has been committing to cost reduction, R&Ds, and quality assurance. Our customers only deserve the best!


Bumjung Kim, CEO
Samsung Huetone Co., Ltd.